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Introducing the Butterfly Room

Date: October 24, 2014 Author: Bumpkins Team Categories: #TheBumpkinsDifference, room by room

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Hello! You do not need to print this information – it is given to you when your tour Bumpkins before joining us and again, as your child starts in the Butterfly rooms with us.  We’re sharing this information with you online, so that you can find out more about Bumpkins before you come for your initial visit or to refresh yourself on anything room related as your child grows.  Of course, there’s no substitute for either booking a tour of the nursery, or if you are already a Bumpkins family, chatting with your child’s key worker next time you are doing drop off or collection.  There’s no question too large or too small.  We love to help.


Welcome to The Butterfly Roomthe next step for toddlers after Bumblebees.  We have put together this pack to give you information about the room and our daily routine.  Hopefully all of your questions will be answered but if there is anything you feel we should add to this pack please speak to Ali, Alastair or your child’s key worker.  We want this pack to be as supportive as possible for all Bumpkins families and would really appreciate your feedback.  If, at any time, you want to call us to see how your child is, please call us directly on our room phone 07592 008315 where one of us will be pleased to let you know how they are.

Butterflies Room, Bumpkins Day Nursery, Royston, Whaddon


If your child arrives at nursery for breakfast, they can come to the breakfast table as they arrive. We aim to have breakfast finished by 9am to enable the children to begin their activities.

Drawer, Peg and Shoes

When your child begins their visits to the Butterfly Room they will be given a peg, indoor and outdoor shoe boxes and drawer all of which will show their name.  The drawers are used for all art work and belongings and the contents can be taken home every week.  Some drawers are shared however, so please make sure you are taking your own child’s art work.

Weekend Board

Each week we would love you to write on a shape/picture to add to our weekend board. You can write anything your child has done over the weekend or something your child would really like all of their friends to know.  We share the children’s weekend news at circle time and encourage them to talk to their friends about their experiences.

Wow Board

We like to celebrate the children’s achievements, big or small, and ask parents to add their child’s achievements to our board. These achievements are then included in your child’s development folder.

Register time

Each day at register time we sing the ‘days of the week’ song and say good morning to each other. We count how many children there are and we talk about the weather.

Learning development records

We observe each child, record their progress and set next steps on our planning to encourage the children’s individual development and learning.  We encourage parents to be actively involved with this.  If you would like to see your child’s folder or add anything at any time please ask your child’s key person, Jess or Jenny.

Nature Rangers

Every week we take part in Nature Rangers, where we do activities outdoors involving exploring and interacting with nature.

Sleep Time

After lunch we have a quiet time, which allows children to sleep if they need to. Children who do not sleep are able to join in with calmer activities such as puzzles and stories. We try to have all the children awake by 2:30pm to enable them to join in with the afternoon’s activities. Of course, if your child needs to sleep longer this is fine too.

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We hope this information is helpful for you during your child’s move into the Butterfly Room. If you have any questions please feel free to speak to Jess, Jenny or your child’s key person.

Daily Routine

7.30 – 8am We have free play while the children arrive and settle in.

8 am Breakfast is served 8.45 am We get ready to go outside. If the weather is unsuitable we have big play inside.

10 am Register time: we take the register, sing the ‘welcome to Bumpkins’ and ‘days of the week’ song, and we do the weather board. We also look at our weekend board and the feelings board.

10.15 am Rolling snack, messy play and adult led activities begin.  Also children can free play with self-chosen toys.

11.20 am Tidy up time.

11.30 am Circle time, including stories and singing.

11.45 am Lunch time.

12.30 pm Sleep time for the children who have a sleep and quiet play for the children who don’t have a sleep, including creative activities.

2 pm Rolling snack, messy play and adult led activities begin. Also children can free play with self-chosen toys.

2.40 pm Tidy up time.

2.45 pm We get ready to go outside. If the weather is really bad we have big play inside.

3.45 pm Tea time.

4.30 pm Free play until home time. In the summer months if the weather is suitable we free play in the garden until home time.

Bumpkins Day Nursery, Royston, Whaddon, Active Play

We are always happy to answer any questions about any part of your child’s time here at Bumpkins and we’re also keen to know anything from home that we can use to make their day with us even more fulfilling.  Your child’s key worker or any of the room leaders will always be happy to help or call us directly on 07592 008315.

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