Room by Room - Caterpillars Daily Routine

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Room by Room – Caterpillars Daily Routine

Caterpillars Daily Routine

Babies: Caterpillars Daily Routine


Nursery opens, carpet play whilst the children arrive and settle in

Breakfast is served. Children will be offered a choice of cereal with toast, and milk or water to drink

This is time for messy play! Oats, rice crispies, shaving foam, paint, sticking and lots more – along with activities to display in our room. Nappy change time.

A fruit snack is offered along with a small beaker of cow’s milk, and/or water

The children are dressed in appropriate clothing and, weather permitting, go outside to play. If the weather is particularly cold or wet, we get “big play” out in the room – such as the parachute, trundle toys or climbing frame

The children tidy away and we sit together to read stories or sing songs before washing our hands for lunchtime

11.45am-12 noon



Hands and faces are washed and then it’s nappy change time. The children are then settled down for their sleep

Afternoon snack is given once your child has woken from their sleep. This snack is usually a plain biscuit with a small beaker of cow’s milk, and/or water

Free play on the carpet and hard floor areas. We encourage the children to choose what they would like to play with and to tidy away before they get something else out. The staff will use this time and throughout the day to record observations of your child

Nappy changing, followed by singing, story time or dancing. Hand wash before tea time

Tea time

The children get down from the table and we often free-flow through the room, exploring toys and playing, with staff support. In the warmer months we may go out into the garden. As the nursery gets quieter towards the end of the day, we play with children from other rooms in the library or another room

Nursery closes

Caterpillars Daily Routine