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A Great Night’s Sleep for Children

Date: February 26, 2018 Author: Bumpkins Office Categories: Parents' Tips and Tricks, Toddler Tips


When your child hasn’t slept well, they don’t quite seem like themselves.  Their concentration is reduced and this has a huge impact on their ability to learn and have fun. Therefore it’s importanbumpkin ttt that children do get the sleep they need. Our Sleep for Children tips will help you achieve a great night’s sleep!


Keep to a routine. 

Children love routines; it helps give a shape to their day and helps them make sense of their lives. The same principle applies to night times. At night time a “goodnight routine” tells your child that it’s time to prepare for bed and they therefore find it easier to nod off to sleep.


Use routine language. 

Language is a useful tool in helping children wind down for the day.  Bed time language should differ from normal language in the day time. You should use verbal signals to show that it’s time for bed.  The language you use should be softer and reassuring. It should also aim to be calm and non-stimulating.


Winding down period. 

After a busy day of playing with toys, it’s often difficult for children to switch off straight away. In order for children to feel as though it’s the end of the day, toys and activities need to be put away. A tidy up rhyme or song can be an excellent tool to help this period go more smoothly. Rhymes and songs are great in prompting a winding down period.


Role play is a good tool in creating a winding down routine. 

Try using role play stories using a doll and a bed to recreate bed time routines.  This will lead to children naturally talking about their own bed time and about any fears and worries. Putting the doll to bed can also help children think about their own winding down period and help get them in the mind set of going to bed.


Goodnight stories.  

These are a great way to add to the bedtime language and winding down period. Use stories that your children are familiar with or have enjoyed reading at nursery.


Use Praise.  

Children love praise and it’s important for them to know what they have done well during the day. This can be used in a routine bed time rhyme. A final bed time rhyme should be used whilst rocking the child in your arms or the lap. If there are distractions or disruptions during the final wind down then the song should be repeated for it to be useful.

Hopefully, our Bumpkins tips have been useful for you and will help both you and your child get that much needed good night’s sleep.


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