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Sending Thank you Cards

Date: January 14, 2015 Author: Bumpkins Team Categories: Learning Through Play, Things to make and do

Thank you cards

When the festivities are over, the leftover turkey has been eaten and the Christmas decorations are packed away, there is still one fun part of Christmas remaining. Sending a thank you card or letter from your child for the presents they received is a lovely tradition to keep. Not only does it teach children to truly appreciate their gifts, it allows them to express themselves creatively too.

thank you cards will be appreciated by friends and family
Photo Cards

Photo cards can be a time saver, with online companies printing them at the touch of a button for you to fill in and post out. Or why not take a photo of your little one wearing a clothing gift or playing with their new toy. This extra effort to personalise the card will be appreciated. Print out the photo, cut it to size and attach to card blanks for a lovely keepsake for family and friends to know how much their present meant.

Handmade with Lovethank you cards can be handmade for an extra special touch

Some of the best thank you cards are those made with love from a child so get out your craft box, the glue, glitter and embellishments and sit down at the table for an afternoon of messy fun. This fingerprint card is easy and fun or for older children, while this robin card is seasonal and looks beautiful. Don’t forget to make a list of who you need to send thanks to, ensuring you don’t miss anyone out and tick off the list as you go.

Thank-you Letters

Enclosing a letter describing how the gift is being used is particularly good for when cash or gift cards are received. For younger children let them decorate the paper but write the letter yourself explaining what was bought and how enjoyable a time you had selecting it. Encourage older children to write their own letter but advise them to keep it short and sweet so they don’t get bored by the fifth one!

However you choose to say thank you, remember to make it a fun experience for all. Spending some quality time as a family will mean it is a lovely event to look forward to in January. You can make it educational for your children too by letting them help with addressing the envelopes and sticking on the stamps. Go for a walk to the post box or post office and let them take on the responsibility from start to finish. This will leave them with a feeling of satisfaction for a job well done.

Photos: woodleywonderworks, frankieleon & Carissa Rogers

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