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Room Names at Bumpkins Nursery

Date: February 15, 2016 Author: Bumpkins Team Categories: #TheBumpkinsDifference, Farm, Free Range Fun, Great Outdoors, Pre School, room by room

Do you know how we chose the room names at Bumpkins?

The Bumpkins Difference is all about offering your child exceptional care during their time at Nursery.

We’re based on a working farm in Whaddon and love the great outdoors.

Even on a cold day, we’ll wrap your children up in coats, hats and gloves so they can run, jump and skip outside.

So when it came to choosing the room names, the great outdoors provided our inspiration!


The Caterpillars and The Ladybirds

Bumpkins Rooms Caterpillar

Bumpkins Rooms Ladybird

The baby room operates on two sides of one large room. Each side has its own name.

Our babies are Caterpillars and when they move to the crawling and walking side of the room they become Ladybirds.


The Bumblebees

Bumpkins Rooms BumblebeeWe all know how busy a 2 year old is, so it was quite easy to choose the room name for our Bumpkins toddlers; they just had to become busy Bumblebees!








The Butterflies

Bumpkins Rooms Butterfly

As the children progress through the nursery, they start to spread their wings and explore the world,  so they are known as Butterflies.  Inspired by the recent discovery on nearby Royston Heath of the rare Chalkhill Blue Butterfly the image we are using is of a beautiful blue butterfly







The Grasshoppers and The Dragonflies

Bumpkins Rooms Grasshopper

Bumpkins Rooms Dragonfly

In the final year before school our Pre-School children start as Grasshoppers and then become Dragonflies, just before they fly off and leave us for school.

For all of us at Bumpkins,we love having a clear identity to each room.  Each name reflects our farm based location and our love of getting outside with the children. We have always found children like to know the name of their room and that it helps them feel a sense of belonging.

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