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The Recycled Playroom

Date: November 13, 2014 Author: Bumpkins Team Categories: Parents' Tips and Tricks

The recyled playroom

The recyled playroom

Why not just buy toys?

In a world where branded mass-market toys light-up, sing and pretty much play all by themselves; it is easy to see why making toys for your little one is becoming popular. Not only is it friendly on your bank balance, recycling those unwanted household items into toys is good for the environment too. Less waste, more fun! There is also a huge sense of satisfaction from seeing your baby or toddler play with something lovingly crafted by you.

Tailor Made To Suit

Who better to design an activity for your son or daughter than you! The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination. You can select a toy or game that suits your tot’s personality and level of development, ensuring a meltdown free play-time and smiles all round.

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Keeping It Simple

The humble box.

Have you ever watched and laughed when a box is preferred over a lovingly chosen gift? Boxes appeal to their imagination – is it a house or an underground den to explore? For the youngest amongst us, simply sitting in a box boat being pushed around the floor sea can produce giggles aplenty and the joy can last longer than mum or dad’s arm strength.

This ball ramp invention is simple to make and gives new use to those ball pit balls. Watch as they disappear, find where they went and then introduce building blocks to show shapes that don’t roll. What about grandma’s keys?

More Time On Your Hands?

Making the toys can be an activity in itself. These examples can be a craft session one day, then a toy to play with the next.

Skittles made from toilet roll tubes or empty bottles filled with water can look any way you desire. Simply paint and enjoy or go all out with the glue and glitter.

How about a zoo theme? Or ones that look like family members? This is great for practising counting and ball skills.

Who doesn’t love to shop? Collect up empty boxes and bottles from the kitchen and make a supermarket.  Cut up card for play money and role play, showing off your “have a nice day” acting skills. Or you can make a post box and paint it red, not forgetting some or cardboard letters and postcards from cereal boxes to post. Does Postman Pat need a hat? Stickers make great stamps too.

the recycled playroom toilet roll dogIf you are feeling particularly crafty, try making a puppet show theatre. Cut a large hole in the front of a box for the stage and make the characters out of anything you have to hand.

Whatever you decide to make, remember to go with what you know they enjoy. Putting time and effort into a role playing scene for a hands-on destructive force isn’t wise. Enjoy the simplicity of just how much enjoyment can be had from something you would normally throw away.

Photos – Juhan Sonin, Andy Arthur & Lea


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