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Rainy Day Activities

Date: May 25, 2014 Author: Bumpkins Team Categories: Parents' Tips and Tricks, Things to make and do

Finding activities to keep your children occupied during the holiday when the ‘Great British Weather‘ strikes (think torrential rain, and snow in June!) can be a seriously draining experience. The combination of boredom and cabin fever can make even the most well-behaved children turn into screaming monsters and trying to placate them is enough to make Mary Poppins swear.

We thought we’d help you out by coming up with a list of indoor activities which keep the children entertained and that don’t require lots of apparatus or money.

The Story Stick (ages 4+)

A brilliant way to get children to use both their creative skills and their imaginations is to have them make a story stick. Find a medium-sized stick from the garden (or the park, next time you’re there) and let the children paint, adorn and decorate the stick to look as beautiful as possible. Once the stick is dry, sit in a circle with a pen and paper and pass the stick from person to person. Someone starts telling a story (while Mum or Dad transcribes) and then passes the stick after a few lines. Every time the stick is passed, the next person must add a new section to the story. By the end, you should have an epic tale and bunch of children whose imaginations have had a serious workout!

“What Could This Be?”

Another great imagination stimulator, and something which costs literally nothing. Grab a tray and place on it a whole bunch of random objects. Then, give them all to the children and ask them to come up with as many uses as possible for each item – cardboard toilet roll tube? Spare trunk for an elephant! Leg extensions for an Action Man! Spy glass for a pirate! You get the idea…

Junk Modelling

Junk modelling is a fabulous (and free) way to get children crafting. Simply gather up any spare boxes, loo roll tubes, cartons, packaging, paper, wrapping paper, tissue and anything else that you don’t need any more and get the children to make the most inventive thing that they can think of. You can even extend the activity by getting them to plan and draw what they intend to make first, and make up mock blueprints, showing the specific junk they’ll need to make their creation.

Garden Beastie Hunt

Your children will enjoy outdoor activities in all weather

Providing the weather isn’t too horrendous, most children are still happy to venture outside and rain has the fantastic added bonus of encouraging a whole world of insects and other beasties to surface. Get the children togged up in their wellies and waterproofs, armed with their bucket and spades and a magnifying glass, and get them hunting around your lawns and borders to see what they can find. Worms, beetles and other bugs look great under a magnifying glass and as well as being a fun adventure, there’s plenty of opportunity for learning, too.

Den Building

Building a den can be a truly delightful way to spend a rainy afternoon. Get your old sheets, dining room chairs, sofa cushions, duvets, pillows and anything else you can think of and let the children build themselves a great space for indoor play. Encourage them to take their books and toys in with them and even serve their lunch in the den – we guarantee they’ll be entertained for hours!

Have you tried any of these activities?

If you’ve used any of our rainy day ideas, please let us know. We always love to see pictures of Bumpkins babies and children being busy and having fun!

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