My Road to School

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My Road to School

Our Pre-Schoolers enjoy following “My Road to School”, our own version of the Government-supported initiative which helps prepare children in readiness for starting at school.

Bumpkins offers funding in accordance with County Council’s guidance, for children from the term following their 3rd birthday. We also offer 2-year-old funding if requested by the Children’s Centre Team.    We are able to offer fully flexible childcare between 7.30am and 6pm five days a week, within the space that the Nursery has available.  This means that parents can choose hours and sessions to suit their own family’s needs.  All places are offered subject to availability.

 “My Road to School” helps our Pre-Schoolers and their parents prepare for the move up to school, in a series of easy to follow steps.

Click here to download your own copy to print at home

Independence1. Eating:

Can your child use a knife and fork successfully?

2. Self – care:

Can your child look after themselves?

This includes: knowing when and how to wash their hands, being able to wipe their own nose and knowing when to ask for help if they need it.

3. Getting dressed:

Can your child put their own shoes & socks on?

Do they know how to put their coat on and pull the zip up?

Being able to change their own clothes by themselves is another skill which can really benefit them.

4. Independence:

Is your child happy to leave you to go to nursery or when going to a friend’s house?

5. Going to the toilet:

Can your child go to the toilet, wipe themselves properly and flush all by themselves?

Do they remember to wash their hands afterwards as well?

6. Counting skills:

Can your child recognise some numbers?

There are many activities that you can both do to help with counting such as: practising counting objects, saying number rhymes or playing counting games together.

7. Interest in the world & new activities:

Does your child take an interest in learning about the world around them?

Do they enjoy exploring new activities/environments and do they ask lots of questions, too?

8. Sharing & turn taking:

Can your child share their toys with other children and be able to take turns on specific activities with others?

Do they enjoy playing games & interacting with the other children?

9. Speaking & literacy:

Does your child enjoy reading stories & looking at picture books?

Are they currently practising how to recognise their own name, how to talk about themselves & their feelings?

10. Listening & understanding:

Is your child able to sit still and listen to you or their room leader for a while?

Do they know how to follow instructions and that they need to follow the rules?

11. Writing skills:

Is your child currently practising how to hold a pencil?

Do they enjoy tracing & colouring in patterns or making marks on a sheet of paper?

Remember, “My Road to School” is a simple guide to help you and your child prepare for school.  All children learn at different speeds and pick some things up more easily than others, so please do not compare or panic if your child is less able in some areas than others.  At Bumpkins, we are always on hand to discuss your own child’s individual progress.

My Road to School, prepared by Jess in the Pre-School