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Making Bath Times Fun

Date: February 15, 2017 Author: Bumpkins Team Categories: Parents' Tips and Tricks, Toddler Tips

Making Bath Times Fun

The bath tub can be a great playground for watery adventures.

Here are our suggestions for upping the fun factor at bath times!Making Bath Times Fun

  • Use a bath time song to create a special bath time routine, which will make bathing easier for your child.
  • Turn bath time into play time. Simple toys such as rubber ducks are brilliant. Making beards and funny hair styles out of bubbles are also bath time favourites.
  • Whilst bubbles in the tub are great fun, make sure that you choose a bubble bath that is designed for children so it won’t dry out their skin.
  • Bath crayons and paints are a wonderful way of letting your child’s creativity run wild. The beauty of this is that they are all washable, so there’s no mess to clean up afterwards.

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Making Bath Times Fun

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