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Keeping babies cool in the Summer

Date: August 2, 2014 Author: Bumpkins Team Categories: #TheBumpkinsDifference, Parents' Tips and Tricks

Summer is here! Our thoughts naturally turn to fun in the sun, holidays and quality time outdoors. For mums, dads and anyone caring for a child though, the sun is just another item on our never-ending ‘dangers to overcome’ list.

So how do we keep our precious babies safe during these hot summer months?

Planning Ahead is the most important and thus first on this list. The Scout Movement’s ‘Be Prepared’ motto is wise. Read this advice, check out the links and buy in the products and equipment needed. Then get on with enjoying yourselves and making memories.

Prevention is definitely better than cure. We all know to avoid the sun when it’s hottest (between 11 am and 3 pm) and the NHS have great advice, particularly that babies under 6 months should avoid the sun completely. Sunglasses and hats are a must but take care that the hat you choose won’t trap heat against your baby’s head. Make wearing these items a part of your family’s routine before leaving the house, adults leading by example to help to encourage your tot to keep hats on. Sunscreen advice can be looked at online or is available in your local pharmacy. Use their expertise and follow the guidelines on application times. Remember that a cool breeze on a hot day will mask that burning feeling, so set a timer on your phone for when the next application is due.

Dehydration and over-heating are the perfect combination for a grumpy baby so offer drinks and juicy snacks such as melon and cucumber. These fresh fruit ice pops look amazing.  Breastfed babies shouldn’t need extra water but do make sure mum is drinking plenty. An easy indicator of dehydration to look for is fewer wet nappies so act fast if you notice this warning sign. When it’s just too hot for babies, strip off excess layers of clothing and keep the house cool with good ventilation or a fan. Use a room thermometer and be aware of what sleepwear and sheets are best for the different temperatures. Read these tips for keeping a baby cool through the night.

Treatment goes hand in hand with being prepared. Have an Aloe Vera based product in stock to soothe hot skin and keep the first aid kit up-to-date in case of bites or stings. Learn the signs of heat exhaustion and heatstroke in children and what to do if you spot them.

With a little bit of thought the sun shouldn’t stop anyone enjoying these long summer days. Stay safe, be happy and most of all have fun. It’ll be Christmas before we know it…

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Sunhats, Sunscreen, Sunglasses and Shade are essential

Sunhats, Sunscreen, Sunglasses and Shade are summer essentials for babies

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