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Joining the Baby room at Bumpkins Nursery

Date: July 31, 2013 Author: Bumpkins Team Categories: Bumpkins admin, paperwork and official stuff, room by room

Bumpkins Nursery has a day sheet which parents of babies receive every day that they are at Bumpkins

Each time that your baby, toddler or pre schooler moves rooms within Bumpkins, there’s a process that we follow – settling in visits, trips to see the new room and their staff and the children therein. But just as important, is communicating with the parents during each transition – sometimes mum and dad are more interested in the move than the child! So this is one example, of the introductory cover note that comes to parents of children who are about to start in the Baby room. There’s a different pack, for each room, but we wanted to show you how one starts, so you know what to expect…

“Welcome to the Baby room.  We have put together this pack to give you information about the room and our daily routine, which will help you to settle your baby into Bumpkins. Hopefully all of your questions will be answered but if there is anything you feel we should add to this pack please do speak to Mel, Jo or your child’s keyworker.  We want this pack to be as supportive as possible for families joining Bumpkins with their babies and would really appreciate your feedback.

The Babyroom is divided into two, one side for the younger babies still needing two naps a day, and the other side for the older babies only having a sleep after lunch. We find that separating the room in this way allows the children to have a better environment for sleep and play; allowing the smaller babies to spend time exploring the carpet area without the older babies moving around between them, and giving the older babies more space to develop their physical skills.  We do also have free flow time where the babies are able to explore the whole room and move between the two sides of the room.

We want to make the transition from home to nursery life as seamless and settled as possible for your baby.  Therefore, when your baby joins we take time to find out about your home routine and follow what your baby is used to. We are more than happy where possible to follow parent’s wishes and routines, just let us know. Please don’t hesitate to contact the Babyroom directly on 07594 569482 at any time.  On this number you will be able to speak directly to a staff member in the Babyroom who will be able to reassure you about how your baby has been.

Room Leader:   Mel

Room Senior:    Jo

Your child’s key person will be: ……..”

We’re always interested to hear of the things that you would expect to receive more information on, so if you have any ideas, please let us know!




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