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Introducing the Caterpillar and Ladybird Rooms

Date: October 24, 2014 Author: Bumpkins Team Categories: #TheBumpkinsDifference, room by room

Bumpkins Day Nursery, Ladybird Room, Nursery, Whaddon, Royston

Hello! You do not need to print this information – it is given to you when your tour Bumpkins before joining us and again, as your child starts in the Caterpillar and Ladybird rooms with us. We’re sharing this information with you online, so that you can find out more about Bumpkins before you come for your initial visit or to refresh yourself on anything room related as your child grows. Of course, there’s no substitute for either booking a tour of the nursery, or if you are already a Bumpkins family, chatting with your child’s key worker next time you are doing drop off or collection. There’s no question too large or too small. We love to help.

The Caterpillar and Ladybird Rooms

Untitled design (4)Welcome to the Caterpillar and Ladybird rooms.  We have put together this pack to give you information about the room and our daily routine, which will help you to settle your baby into Bumpkins.  Hopefully all of your questions will be answered but if there is anything you feel we should add to this pack please speak to Mel, Hayley, or your child’s key worker.  We want this pack to be as supportive as possible for families joining Bumpkins with their babies and would really appreciate your feedback.  The Baby room is divided into two, one side for the younger babies still needing two naps a day (Caterpillars), and the other side for the older babies only having a sleep after lunch (Ladybirds).

Each side has dedicated staff.

We find that separating the room in this way allows the children to have a better environment for sleep and play; allowing the smaller babies to spend time exploring the carpet area without the older babies moving around between them, and giving the older babies more space to develop their physical skills.  We also have free flow time where the babies are able to explore the whole room and move between the two sides of the room.  We want to make the transition from home to nursery life as seamless and settled as possible for your baby.  Therefore, when your baby joins we take time to find out about your home routine and follow what your baby is used to.  We are more than happy where possible to follow parent’s wishes and routines, just let us know.

We have assigned your child a key worker.  This is someone who will build a special bond with your child.  We will collect information in a folder, which will travel through the nursery with your child.  Within the baby room we have a buddy system that will allow your child to be supported in the room. Please don’t hesitate to contact the Baby room directly on 07594 569482 at any time.  On this number you will be able to speak directly to a staff member in the Baby room, who will be able to reassure you about how your baby has been.  The Room Leader is Mel and the Room Senior is Hayley.

Bumpkins Day Nursery, Whaddon, Royston, Baby Room

We offer baby cereals, Weetabix and hot oats to be used with formula provided from home or our cow’s milk. Older babies who are able to have other breakfast cereals and toast will be offered these.

Please ensure that your baby has a couple of changes of clothes in their bag.  Please do not send them in their best clothes as although we use aprons and bibs to protect clothes they can still get messy.  We ask that you provide a warm winter coat, gloves and hat during the cold weather and suncream and sun hat at the hotter times of the year.  We also ask that your baby has appropriate shoes for outside play. Please make sure that all belongings are labeled clearly.  If any of your child’s clothes go missing, please speak to a member of the team and we will try to find them for you.

We ask that you provide nappies for your baby; they can be brought in daily or in bulk and stored at nursery.  Our nappy monitors will display a yellow nappy sticker on your child’s peg if they are running low and a red sticker if they need nappies urgently.

If your baby sleeps in a sleeping bag or is attached to a comfort toy or dummy please feel free to bring it to nursery to aid their sleep.  It would be helpful if you could share with us how your baby sleeps at home so we can help them feel more settled and secure at sleep time at nursery.  If you would like your baby to be awake by a certain time or have a limited sleep please make the staff aware and we can wake them as needed.

We promote independence and where suitable offer the babies finger foods and cutlery to feed themselves, with staff sitting with them for support and guidance.  Trying foods will always be encouraged but never forced on a baby or child.

Baby signing
In the Baby room we like to use baby signs through the day.  We sign please and thank you, more, milk, and other day to day signs to help your baby to communicate.  These signs are displayed in the room and if you would like any demonstrated do not hesitate to ask the team.

‘Weekend board’
The weekend board, which is displayed in the room, shows activities and exciting things you and your baby enjoyed at the weekend.  We like to talk to the babies about what they have done at the weekend and take an interest in the activities they have enjoyed.  A sheet of shapes/pictures to match the theme of the board at that time are often given out at the beginning of the month but please don’t hesitate to ask for more should you need them.

‘Wow wall’
We like to celebrate your baby’s ‘wow’ moments.  Whether it’s cutting their first tooth, crawling, taking their first steps or simply just sleeping through the night!  We like to display these magic moments so please feel free to take a brick from the display and add to our celebratory wall.

Daily Routine – there is some variation between the Caterpillars and Ladybirds timing to make for a happier day

Caterpillar Room

Ladybird Room



Nursery opens.  Carpet play and welcoming children in.

7.45 Breakfast served on left side of the room for those who need it. 7.45 Children will be offered a choice of cereal with toast and milk or water to drink.
9.10-9.15 Babies ready for their sleep move though for nappy changing and are settled down for sleep. 9.15 Messy play – oats, rice crispies, shaving foam, paint, sticking and lots more, along with activities to display in our room.  We also change nappies at this time.
10.00-11.00 As the babies wake from their sleep they are offered a fruit snack with water and a small beaker of milk or their morning bottle. 10.15 A fruit snack is offered along with a small beaker of cow’s milk and/or water.
11.00 The children have time on the carpet where they explore toys and join in activities and messy play on the hard floor.  We plan activities to enable the babies to explore safely and independently on the floor or in their high chairs.  We often take the children in the garden to enjoy some fresh air. 10.45 We now dress the children in appropriate clothing and, weather permitting, go outside to play.  If the weather is particularly cold or wet we get big play out in the room – such as parachute, trundle toys or climbing frame.
11.30 We tidy away and get together to read stories, sing songs or dance with bubbles to music! 11.30 The children tidy away and we sit together to sign songs or read stories before washing our hands for lunchtime.


After washing hands the babies sit down for lunch followed by nappy change.


12.30 As they finish eating, the babies’ hands and faces are washed using flannels and those needing a nappy change will be changed. 12.30 Hands and faces are washed and then it’s nappy change time.  The children are then settled down for their sleep.
1.00 The babies often go to the library where they play with musical instruments, big play, building blocks, puppets and lots more. If the babies haven’t already been outside during the morning they might go out now. 2.00 – 3.00 Afternoon snack is given once your child has woken from their sleep.  This snack is usually a plain biscuit with a small beaker of cow’s milk and/or water.
1.30 – 1.45 The babies will be offered afternoon snack, which is usually a plain biscuit, rusk or rice cake, with water and/or milk (where appropriate) or their afternoon bottle before going down for their afternoon sleep. 2.30 – 3.30 Free play on the carpet and hard floor areas.  We encourage the children to choose what they would like to play with and to tidy away before they get something else out.  The staff will use this time to record observations of your child.
3.00 – 3.30 Nappy changing then carpet play followed by singing or story time.  Then washing hands before tea. 3.30 Nappy changing will commence before singing, stories or dancing.  Then washing hands ready for tea.


4.30- 6.30 As the babies get down from the table we often free-flow through the room, exploring toys and playing, with staff support.  In the warmer months we may go out in the garden.  As the nursery gets quieter towards the end of the day, we play with children from other rooms in the library or another room.


Ladybird Room, Bumpkins Day Nursery, Whaddon, Royston, Baby RoomBumpkins Day Nursery, Royston, Whaddon, Caterpillar Room, Baby Room

We are always happy to answer any questions about any part of your child’s time here at Bumpkins and we’re also keen to know anything from home that we can use to make their day with us even more fulfilling.  Your child’s key worker or any of the room leaders will always be happy to help or call us directly on 07594 569482.

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