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Introducing the Bumblebee Room

Date: October 24, 2014 Author: Bumpkins Team Categories: #TheBumpkinsDifference, room by room

Bumpkins Day Nursery, Whaddon, Royston, Sensory Play

Hello! You do not need to print this information – it is given to you when your tour Bumpkins before joining us and again, as your child starts in the Bumblebee room with us. We’re sharing this information with you online, so that you can find out more about Bumpkins before you come for your initial visit or to refresh yourself on anything room related as your child grows. Of course, there’s no substitute for either booking a tour of the nursery, or if you are already a Bumpkins family, chatting with your child’s key worker next time you are doing drop off or collection. There’s no question too large or too small. We love to help.Bumblebee-nameWelcome to The Bumblebee Roomthe next step for toddlers after Ladybirds.  We have put together this pack to give you information about the room and our daily routine.  Hopefully all of your questions will be answered but if there is anything you feel we should add to this pack please speak to Christine, Carla or your child’s key worker.  We want this pack to be as supportive as possible for families joining Bumpkins  and would really appreciate your feedback. The children are still very young so we still see them very much as babies, but with the freedom and space to walk, run and climb and to develop their interest in themselves and the world around them.  If, at any time, you want to call us to see how your child is, please call us directly on our room phone 07592 008312 where one of us will be pleased to let you know how they are.

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Coats, Shoes and Wellies

Upon joining the Bumblebees your child will be given a coat peg with their picture and name displayed.  We have an indoor and outdoor shoe box, as well as a box for wellies.  Bags can be kept on the shelves above the coat pegs.  Often children have to share pegs so the more items you can name, the better.


Your child will have a name card showing any dietary requirements or allergies. Usually by this age, most foods have been tried either in the nursery or at home, so generally children are able to enjoy the full nursery menu.

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Children have their own nappy box where we can store nappies and we will let you know when the supply is getting low. You can bring nappies in daily if you prefer. At the end of each day we will give you verbal feedback of how your child has eaten and slept, and when they had nappy changes. We will also share with you what activities your child has done and things they have enjoyed. We are very aware that toilet training can be an anxious time at this age but children are all different and we will be happy to help when you and they are ready. There is no rush.


We like to give the children many experiences through play, focusing on developing all their skills through what they see, feel and hear.  We use many mediums for messy play.  As well as sand and water we like gloop (cornflour and water mixed) and we like to mix things up, oats and shaving foam for example and lots more.  We enjoy painting on a large and small scale and we also do body painting where we have a huge piece of paper on the floor and the children paint themselves, the floor and each other.  The children love the feel of the paint on their hands and feet.

Fun and Friendship, Bumpkins Day Nursery, Royston, WhaddonWe follow the children’s interests when we are planning activities. If the children are interested in animals for example, we will talk to them about their experiences, find a story about a farm, sing songs and play alongside them sharing and developing their imagination.

There are a wide variety of activities for the children to choose from, such as role play, construction, small world and imaginative play, mark making, stories and singing and musical instruments.  We have a little bear called Flo and we like the children to take her home or even on holiday, filling in a little diary of her adventures, which the children can share with their friends when they return.

Our Daily Routine

7.30 – 8am Free play, usually with children from the Butterfly room.

8 am Breakfast, followed by free play; dolls to cars, puzzles to building blocks, drawing and painting,and we love to have messy play; this can be dry or wet and sticky but the messier the better!

10 am Rolling snack – fruit, milk and water. We usually have rolling snack where children can continue to play but come up for a snack in small groups, but occasionally we do sit together as a larger group.

11.30 am Inside for songs and/or stories. Then we wash hands and have lunch.

Once lunch is finished those children who need to sleep can, for as long or as little as they need (or you want them to!). Activities are set up for those children who come in or go home at lunch, or who don’t sleep.

2 pm A small snack of a biscuit and drink is available.  If children are still sleeping we can use the library or do a quieter activity on the hard floor.  Sometimes we go and visit the Butterflies room.

4.30 After tea we like to do big play. This can be something like the climbing frame or big blocks. During the summer months we go outside after tea. The patio door makes it easier for us to be in or out.

We stay in the Bumblebee room until around 5:45pm after which we go into the library or join with the children in another room.

Bumpkins Day Nursery, Royston, Whaddon, Active Play, Fun

We are always happy to answer any questions about any part of your child’s time here at Bumpkins and we’re also keen to know anything from home that we can use to make their day with us even more fulfilling.  Your child’s key worker or any of the room leaders will always be happy to help or call us directly on 07592 008312.

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