Home-cooked Food

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Home-cooked Food

Homecooked Food

At Bumpkins, we pride ourselves on creating nutritious, home-cooked food for the children.

We provide three home-cooked meals every day; breakfast, lunch and tea, with a mid-afternoon snack and water available to the children at all times.

Our meals are full of firm favourites with guidance from the Children’s Food Trust, to ensure the menus we plan are not only nutritionally balanced, but taste lovely even with reduced sugar and salt.

We use only the highest quality ingredients from the best local suppliers; Hill View Farm Shop in Kneesworth provides all our seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables and delivers to us twice a week. We Our meat is supplied by Bury Lane Farm Shop in Melbourn, who have even tweaked their sausage recipe especially for Bumpkins!

Our menu changes according to the seasons. We constantly review our food plans to ensure the food is healthy, balanced and enjoyed by the children.  With a strong focus on healthy eating, we can cater for many special dietary requirements.  We offer a three week rotational menu, and you can download a sample of our menu here.

Bumpkins meal times are a positive experience, allowing the staff and children to enjoy food together. We are frequently told that you can always tell a Bumpkins child, because they say or sign please and thank you, they share at the table, pour their own drinks and enjoy meal times together as a family.





home-cooked food

Chefs Dan and Lucy