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¡Hola! Spanish Lessons at Bumpkins – Greetings

Date: December 4, 2017 Author: Bumpkins Team Categories: #TheBumpkinsDifference, Bumpkins News, Bumpkins News

Spanish Lessons at Bumpkins


Each week, the children in the Butterflies room are having Spanish lessons.Hola!

We have been learning about greetings and feelings.
We took turns to introduce ourselves in Spanish and learnt some phrases to talk about our feelings!

Hola Hello
¿Qué tal? How are you?
Muy bien Very well
Gracias Thank you

Muy bien I’m very well
Bien I’m well
Mal I’m not good
Triste I’m sad
Regular So so / I’m OK
Enfadado/a I’m angry


Children have an amazing natural ability to learn a language.

Why not try learning some of these phrases at home with your child?