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Rainy Day Activities for Children

Date: January 25, 2015 Author: Bumpkins Team Categories: Learning Through Play, Things to make and do

keep warm and dry with an indoor picnic on rainy days

When the weather outside is frightful, with rain, wind, sleet and snow putting a dampener on your outdoor plans, it’s wise to have some back up ‘rainy day activities’ ready to go. Venturing to indoor soft play, eating out or a trip to the cinema soon get costly. If playing in the garden or at the park is a washout, make the most of your home and enjoy a grand day in with your little ones.

Bake Something New

Children love to bake and decorate cakes but why not try something a little bit different. These triple cheese and onion  or banana and blueberry muffins make a great snack and can be stored for a few days. Be on hand to help with the oven but try to take a backseat and let your children weigh out the ingredients themselves and do all the mixing too so they can be proud that the end result is all their own work. If the weather has taken you by surprise, this basic biscuit recipe uses only a few everyday ingredients and can be adapted to suit what you have in stock. Buy in a few cookie cutters for younger children or let older children make their own shapes.

Discover their Artistic Talentsrainy-day-2

Crafts are a fun way to pass a few hours and with a little preparation you can make something beautiful to display in your home too. This canvas hand and footprint art is eye catching for those with one baby or toddler and the colours can be matched to your décor. Or to add a bit of science to your afternoon try making some marble paper which, once dry, is a great addition to your next craft session.






Den Building

This activity costs nothing but a bit of imagination and is top of the list of indoor activities. Not only is it great fun, but it helps younger children improve their speech and quiet tots will come out of their shell. Get out sheets, blankets and cushions and build a den big enough to house you all. Start early and you can host a teddy bear’s indoor picnic for lunch, or snuggle up in the afternoon to watch a movie with popcorn and the treats you baked earlier.

However you choose to spend your day at home, make sure you take some photos to remember the fun you had. Stay warm, dry and stress free without the hassle of wrapping up to go out, or the extra effort required when you return wet and muddy. Consider hosting an indoor event for a friend and their children and let them return the favour next week.

Photo Credits ella, woodleywonderworks & Helena Jacoba

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