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Food Portion Sizes

Date: July 5, 2016 Author: Bumpkins Team Categories: #TheBumpkinsDifference, Food Fun

What is a portion size?

You will see us mention “portion sizes” when you receive your end of day report on your child’s day.

Maybe they ate a portion at lunchtime, or half at breakfast.  But what is a portion?


Our typical portion sizes in the main nursery are pictured below, and hopefully this will help you to understand what we mean when we say “ate half”, “ate most”, “ate some”.

These portion sizes are aimed at babies (once they are past weaning) up to aged about 2 1/2 to 3 years.  We then offer slightly larger portions to the older children and our pre-schoolers, but not so large as to be overwhelming.

You can click here to see our Springtime menu, which is full of tasty favourites which the children love:

Fish and leek pie, sausages in gravy, bacon carbonara, beef chilli with rice … and so much more!

We are very proud of the food we provide at Bumpkins. Our qualified cooks prepare meals and snacks for all the children in our kitchens on the main nursery site.  Much of our produce is sourced from local suppliers.  We use Hill View Farm Shop for our fruit and veg, and Bury Lane Farm Shop for our meat.


Click here to learn more about the #TheBumpkinsDifference on home cooked food.


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