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Coloured Flowers to Create: Science for Children

Date: April 1, 2016 Author: Bumpkins Team Categories: Learning Through Play, Things to make and do

Coloured Flowers - Simple Science

Making Colourful Flowers

We had this great idea from one of our Facebook visitors.
Thank you to Lesley for sharing this experiment!

Buy a bunch of white carnations (Royston Market often has them for sale, very reasonably priced)

Fill a glass with water and add in around 20 drops of food dye.

Place the flowers in glass and in the coming days you will see the flowers start to change colour – as if by magic!

You could even try different food dyes in different glasses for a very magical effect, and we love Sharon’s suggestion on Facebook:

Split the stems length wise and put in different coloured dyes and this makes a multi coloured flower, so for example use 4 colours and 1 section of stem in each one to make a rainbow coloured flower!