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Baby Hedgehogs Made from Clay and Twigs

Date: April 1, 2016 Author: Bumpkins Team Categories: Free Range Fun, Great Outdoors, Learning Through Play, Things to make and do, Toddler Tips

Create Baby Hedgehogs from Clay and Twigs

Create baby hedgehogs from clay and twigs and other natural materials

Children love spending time outdoors.

At Bumpkins, we have Nature Ranger activities, which are about looking at the world around us and collecting natural resources.

This Easter, the babies collected sticks outdoors.

We made these wonderful baby hedgehogs out of the clay and sticks. 

We are sure you could try similar at home.

We used air-drying clay which is safe for little hands to use, but you could also use plastiscine, or even make edible versions with pastry dough and sticks of carrot, or rice krispie cake mixture and matchmakers!


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Make and Do - Baby Hedgehogs

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