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Bumpkins Nursery gets 5 out of 5 again – for our food!

Date: December 13, 2013 Author: Bumpkins Team Categories: Bumpkins News, Food Fun, paperwork and official stuff

We are really pleased to let you all know that we had an unannounced, drop in visit from the Environmental Health team, right in the middle of tea time – and we retained our 5 star food hygiene rating :)) We’re very proud of our food and our standards at Bumpkins, so the independent, and might we add – rigorous inspection from Environmental Health outcomes has made us all very happy here at Bumpkins HQ.

Bumpkins parents – If you’re wondering what food we’re eating each day, don’t forget to download this pdf – it’s got the full menu, on a rolling four week plan.

Non Bumpkins parents – This menu represents the food we eat on a rolling, 4 week plan. It is amended appropriately for each age of child according to their development and also, respects any cultural or allergy related requirements or requests that you may have for your child. We have several members of staff with allergies and dietary requirements so it’s something that we are not just aware of – but are vigilant in monitoring for, to ensure that your child has the best, locally sourced food where possible, that meets their dietary needs.

Here’s our menu from October 2013. You just need to click the link and it will appear in a new window. You can also right click and save it from there. Bumpkins-Nursery-Menu-October-2013

As ever, different children have different favourites, but if there’s anything that yours particularly do or do not like, please make sure you let us know! And for those of you who remember our interviewing children in the summer about their favourite food – we’ve still not dared to tell the kitchen how popular their jam sandwiches are!!!

Our last inspection took place on 29th May 2015, and again we received a Five Star Rating






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