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A Bumpkins Mummy talks about Care That Works for Her

Date: August 22, 2013 Author: Bumpkins Team Categories: #TheBumpkinsDifference, Bumpkins testimonials

Bumpkins Nursery

“I absolutely love it. He wasn’t walking when he started but within a month, he’s up and about.”

Yes, I know, it’s another interview ;) But we’re so pleased with them – we love talking to parents, and they tell us about things we’d never even thought of! This interview is with Jodie. She’s Mum to 21 month old Henry and told us about how Bumpkins being able to both hers and Henry’s needs meant that they were the obvious choice when it came to choosing a nursery.

Many of our parents come to us when their children first start at Bumpkins and tell us that they viewed other nurseries in their search for the perfect childcare and that, ultimately, Bumpkins Nursery shone through, making it the obvious choice for both parent and child. For some parents, there’s also the additional considerations as to which hours a nursery will actually allow them to use.

At Bumpkins Nursery, we always do our very best to try to accommodate the hours that parents need to work. We understand that an hour here and an hour there is not particularly useful, nor is it conducive to helping children to settle in when they first come to us. We like to provide the children with a level of continuity of care that enables them to feel safe and happy, as well as allowing parents to maintain a working schedule that is both logical and practical for them.

Overall though, we think that our favourite part of this interview is hearing Jodie tell Liz that Henry kisses his class photo goodnight at bedtime – that clearly shows that Bumpkins Nursery has made quite an impact on him – perhaps that’s the best example of #TheBumpkinsDifference that we’ve come across yet!

If you aren’t already a Bumpkins family, please have a look through the blogs – we’ve got lots of interviews, quotes and feedback from our families. If you’d like to arrange to visit Bumpkins – we’re a nursery in Whaddon, near Royston, then just email or phone in – whatever’s easiest for you…..

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