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Activities at Bumpkins

Date: April 3, 2019 Author: Bumpkins Office Categories: #TheBumpkinsDifference, Bumpkins News, Bumpkins News

Activities at Bumpkins

All babies and children love to explore. There are many activities at Bumpkins, and we enhance our child’s development by enouraging them to explore everyday objects. Here are our babies enjoying the textures and sounds of shredded paper.

Our Bumpkins babies have had a lot of fun body painting. We strip the children down to their nappies and cover the floor in sugar paper so they can use their whole bodies to explore the paint. It’s a sensory experience, allowing them to explore the texture and feel of the paint, as well as noticing the effects of making movements which left marks. They definitely needed a bath after this activity!

Here are some pictures of our Bumblebee children having loads of fun making a mess and painting. We hung paints for the children to squirt and squeeze to create their own masterpieces.