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7 ways a nursery can help when you have a new baby.

Date: April 29, 2015 Author: Bumpkins Team Categories: #TheBumpkinsDifference, Parents' Tips and Tricks


When you have a new baby, you might feel like you should keep your older child at home with you. Indeed it is lovely to spend time as a whole family but letting your toddler or pre-schooler spend time in a nursery when they have a new baby brother or sister is a great idea. Even a short session per day, or a few sessions per week have great benefits, not only for your older child, but for you and the new baby too.

We can’t all afford a day nanny and a night nanny like Kate and Will, but here’s why a few hours in a day nursery is a wise investment for your whole family.

How Your Older Child Benefits

A new baby sibling brings a lot of change into your child’s life so the benefits of having their own place to go, that remains just theirs is important.

When routines change at home to make room for their new baby sibling, toddler and pre-schoolers may find things hard. Having nursery sessions that remain the same is great as they have that continuity in their life. It is reassuring for them to see that not everything has changed.


Having to share mum and dad may be a bit of a shock after having them all to themselves for so long. Going to nursery, seeing their friends and doing their usual activities, when the baby doesn’t get to go too, allows them to feel special. It is still just theirs.

Learning continues at their own pace without the distractions a new baby in the house can bring. Nurseries and Key Workers continue to make sure your child’s development progresses.

Great for the Whole Family

There are many benefits to using a nursery, for parents and the new born too! Mums and dads should never feel selfish or guilty for making the most of the time their toddler is away from home.

Catching up on sleep when it is just you and your new born is one of the best ways to utilise the time your toddler is at nursery. Having more sleep will give you more energy to focus on both children when your toddler is home, so everyone wins.

Catching up on housework and running errands such as food shopping is a lot easier with just a new born in tow. This keeps you less stressed and a happy mum and dad means a happier family. Children pick up on stress so anything done to reduce this will benefit all.

Socialising with friends or attending baby classes that toddlers cannot go to, such as baby massage, means that parents can boost their morale and enjoy their new baby happy in the knowledge that their older child is well looked after and enjoying themselves in a safe environment.

Tips for Parents


Whether you are starting to use a nursery setting for the first time, or are changing your child’s current sessions, start early. Make sure they are settled into the nursery and happy there well before your new baby is due. Don’t let them focus on the baby staying home with you, make it clear that going to nursery is special and they are lucky  in getting to do something that the baby isn’t.

Photos: Thomas, Seth Baur & Chris_Parfitt

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