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Working at Bumpkins Nursery

Date: August 20, 2013 Author: Bumpkins Team Categories: #TheBumpkinsDifference, charity work

what's your favourite food at Bumpkins Nursery? Jam sandwiches!!!

Working at Bumpkins

It’s important to me to share this blog post with you – I wanted to share some thoughts on the Bumpkins team – who they are, what they do and how we treat our team and how they are expected to treat us. As part of the Bumpkins difference we believe it’s important to care for our staff as well as our children. It is important that we have a happy staff team that is motivated and enjoys working at Bumpkins Nursery. We pride ourselves on being a good employer and this is why our staff stay with us for periods above the national average in childcare settings.

Our staff team like working at Bumpkins because they are respected by their peers and the management team. They are well rewarded and enjoy their jobs.We provide access to regular training course for subjects that are not just crucial like First Aid and Food & Hygiene but also interesting – such as Baby Signing, Massage and Development of Role Play. We offer all staff the chance to train for professional qualifications at work – an NVQ 2 or 3 if they are prepared to study at home and work, career development and opportunities are important. Our management team is home-grown and trained by us.

We also reward with an attractive loyalty holiday scheme. After two years of working at Bumpkins they ‘earn’ an extra day’s holiday entitlement and this continues every year until they have earned an additional week’s holiday to add to the standard holiday entitlement. Our staff work 40 hours as a full-time week and get paid lunch breaks, (whilst this is standard in offices; it’s not so standard in the nursery world). And as we are in the middle of a village with no shop for those lunchtime treats – we also run our own tuck shop for the staff team.  The profit is donated annually to Wood Green Animal Shelter as part of our fundraising efforts in memory of Josie who worked for us as a Nursery Nurse and loved animals and she was a big supporter of Wood Green. Our team also work flexible shift patterns around our opening times (7.30 am – 6.30 pm) which means they normally get a half day off each week – a nice bonus for working flexible hours.

We have, as a staff team, raised money for charity throughout the years. Our Barnardos Toddle, Red Nose Day Fancy Dress, Children-in-Need Cake Stalls have all raised money for charity in 2011 we raised just over £1000. So that we can encourage our parents to meet up socially, we have also hosted a Fashion Show at Esse which raised £1000 for Great Ormond Street in 2012. And this year we are hosting a Pimms and Pamper Evening for the Mums to get together and meet up rather than those brief hellos in the car park. We don’t leave the Dads out either, as they are being invited to a Beer and Curry night in the Autumn.

We do have high standards, take a look at Nessa’s 101 commandments if you would like to know more about the Bumpkins Difference, from no black bras showing through white tops, no tattoos on show, to how we expect them to behave, as representatives of Bumpkins at all times.

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