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What’s in a name?

Date: October 1, 2014 Author: Bumpkins Team Categories: room by room

Bumpkins Day Nursery, Bumpkins Pre School, Royston, Whaddon

In the last year there have been lots of changes at Bumpkins to both buildings – a major refurbishment has seen us open our two baby rooms into one large, beautiful space.

We’ve gone on to repaint and re-equip each of our rooms in turn and, as the icing on the cake, our Pre-School has been extended and now is two large classrooms and extended garden.

As we have gone through this process of change we realised it was time to re-consider what we call each of the children’s rooms. After lots of staff consultation and thought, we wanted to keep our rural, country feel to the names and now we are pleased to share with you our new names for each room;

The baby room operates on two sides on a large room. Each side now has its own name, our babies will be Caterpillars and when they move to the crawling and walking side of the room they will then become Ladybirds.

Caterpillar-name, caterpillar, bumpkins day nursery, whaddon, roystonLadybird-name, ladybird room, bumpkins day nursery, royston, whaddon

The Yellow Combines are now changing, their new name inspired by how busy a 2 year old is – they just had to become busy Bumblebees.Bumblebee-name, bumblebee room, bumpkins day nursery, day care, royston, whaddon

As the children progress through the nursery traditionally they then moved to Orange Scarecrows – they will now be known as Butterflies.  Inspired by the discovery this summer on Royston Heath of the rare Chalkhill Blue Butterfly the image we are using is of a beautiful blue butterflyButterfly-name, butterfly room, bumpkins day nursery, royston, whaddon, blue butterfly

In the final year before school our Pre-School children will now start as Grasshoppers and become Dragonflies, just before the fly off and leave us for school.

Grasshopper-name, grasshopper room, Bumpkins Day Nursery, Pre-School, Whaddon, RoystonDragonfly-name, Dragonfly room, Bumpkins Pre-School, Whaddon, Royston

I am very keen to christen the Staff Room and Office the Hive, but jokes have abounded about worker bees, queen bee’s and so on!

So what’s in a name?  For us at Bumpkins, it means a great deal to make these changes – to have a new identity to each room – each name reflects our farm based location and our love of getting outside with the children.  We have always found children like to know the name of their room and like to belong.  This post is only the introduction to these changes – we’ll be sharing much more with you over the coming days and weeks!

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