Room by Room - Ladybirds Daily Routine

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Room by Room – Ladybirds Daily Routine

Bumpkins Rooms Ladybird

Babies: Ladybirds Daily Routine


Nursery opens, carpet play while babies arrive and settle in

8.00 – 9.00am
Breakfast starts being served

Babies ready for their sleep move through for nappy changing and are settled down to sleep

As the babies wake from their sleep, they are offered a fruit snack with water and a small beaker of milk, or their morning bottle

Free play on the carpet. The children have time on the carpet where they explore toys and join in activities and messy play on the hard floor. We plan activities to enable the babies to explore safely and independently on the floor or in their high chairs. We often take the children in the garden at this time to enjoy some fresh air

We tidy away and get together to read stories, sing songs or dance with bubbles and music!

11.45am-12 noon
After washing hands, the babies sit down for lunch, followed by a nappy change


As they finish eating, the babies’ hands and faces are washed using flannels and those needing a nappy change will be changed

The babies often go to the library where they play with musical instruments, big play, building blocks, puppets and lots more, and if the babies haven’t already been outside during the morning they might go out now

The babies return to the room where they will be offered afternoon snack, which is usually a plain biscuit, rusk or rice cake, again with water and a small beaker of milk, or their afternoon bottle, before going down for their afternoon sleep

Nappy changing then carpet play, followed by singing or story time. Hand wash before tea time

Tea time

As the babies get down from the table, we often free-flow through the room, exploring toys and playing, with staff support. In the warmer months we may go out into the garden. As the nursery gets quieter towards the end of the day, we play with children from other rooms in the library or another room

Nursery closes

Ladybirds Daily Routine