The Rooms at Bumpkins

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The Rooms at Bumpkins

Will your child be a Caterpillar, Ladybird, Bumblebee, Butterfly, Grasshopper or Dragonfly?

The rooms at Bumpkins are inspired by the great outdoors!
The Rooms at Bumpkins

The Caterpillar and Ladybird Rooms

The baby room operates on two sides of one large room.

Our babies are Caterpillars and when they move to the crawling and walking side of the room they become Ladybirds.

Your baby can come to us from three months old.  We want your child to feel safe, stimulated and happy, and to secure and comfortable with staff.  We are here to help your child settle into their new environment quickly and easily.

Caterpillars Daily Routine

Ladybirds Daily Routine

Bumblebees room

We all know how busy a 2 year old is, so it was quite easy to choose the room name for our Bumpkins toddlers; they just had to become busy Bumblebees!

Once your child reaches key developmental milestones, usually around their 2nd birthday, they are ready for a bigger world and move on to the Bumblebees room. By this time they are more active and enjoy free access to our outdoor purpose built playground. Here they can be involved with bigger playground activities, including trundle toys and plenty of running, jumping and climbing. They are able to choose what they do from a wide selection of activities, with guidance and supervision from our qualified staff.

Bumblebees Daily Routine

Butterflies room

As the children progress through the nursery, they start to spread their wings and explore the world,  so they are known as Butterflies.  

Our beautiful blue butterfly image is inspired by the recent discovery of the rare Chalkhill Blue Butterfly on nearby Royston Heath.  Children move up to Butterflies around their 3rd birthday.  At this age the children are becoming very independent and are learning to work together.   The Butterflies are encouraged to wash their own hands and will probably have started toilet training.  They are experienced at sharing snacks and pouring the water out for each other. They may be learning to recognise their name and the individual letters.

Butterflies Daily Routine

Grasshoppers and Dragonflies

Our Pre-School children start as Grasshoppers and then become Dragonflies, just before they fly off and leave us for school.  Find out more about moving on to school.

Our Pre-School is situated at the far end of Whaddon, a pleasant stroll up the road and across the village green.  With a huge play area, outdoor willow domes and a grass meadow of over half an acre, the Pre-School is a very private, safe space that is entirely for your children’s use.

Grasshoppers and Dragonflies Daily Routine

The Rooms at Bumpkins