The Structure of Bumpkins

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The Structure of Bumpkins

Bumpkins has three rooms at the main site and a Pre-school located just half a mile away from the main nursery.

Photo© Gareth

The Caterpillar and Ladybird Rooms

Your baby can come to us from three months old. Our Baby Room is divided into two stages of development- infants/crawlers (Caterpillars) and walkers (Ladybirds). We try and follow your child’s routine and will discuss this with you in detail during your settling in visits. Visits take place over a number of weeks and allow you and your baby to get used to nursery life. Initially you will stay with your baby, but as they grow more confident you can pop into our staff room for a coffee. In time you will leave them for an hour or more. Once they (and you) are ready to be left for a whole session you will officially start at Bumpkins.

Bumblebees room

Once your child reaches key developmental milestones, usually around their 2nd birthday, they are ready for a bigger world and move on to the Bumblebees room. By this time they are more active and enjoy free access to our outdoor purpose built playground. Here they can be involved with bigger playground activities, including trundle toys and plenty of running, jumping and climbing. They are able to choose what they do from a wide selection of activities, with guidance and supervision from our qualified staff.

Butterflies room

Around their 3rd birthday the children move onto the Butterflies room. At this age the children are becoming very independent, learning to work together and will probably have started toilet training. However, each child sets their own pace and we are guided by them. They are encouraged to wash their own hands and are experienced at sharing snacks, pouring the water out for each other. They may be learning to recognise their name and the individual letters.

Photo© Gareth

Grasshoppers and Dragonflies

The Pre-school is a place to prepare the children for the transition to ‘big’ school. The children move into Grasshoppers about a year before they leave for school. The emphasis is on individual development and is, as it has always been, child-led.

Learning to share and work with others is very important in this year, as is the ability to concentrate on activities and listen to instructions. With a huge play area and a grass meadow of over half an acre, the Pre-school is a very private, safe space that is entirely for our children’s use. Many of our activities take place outside, for example in our new Willow Domes, or simply running in the grass.  In the last term before school we will start encourage the children to change for PE, to put coats on and take them off, to change shoes and all the other skills that will enable them to be more independent at school.

Many of our children move onto local schools and we have good links with the teaching staff who often visit the children in the Pre-school setting before their start date. Each year some of our children enrol at private schools, so we are experienced in supporting visits by teachers from these schools and any entrance interview that your child may have to attend.

In the last few years children from Bumpkins have gone to the following schools:

Babraham, Barrington, Bourne, Elizabeth Warburton, Fowlmere, Foxton, Harston & Newton, Haslingfield, Kings Hedges, Melbourn, Meldreth, Orwell, Bassingbourn, Petersfield, Cambourne, Papworth, Steeple Morden, Guilden Morden, Icknield Walk, Tannery Drift, Studlands Rise, St Mary’s RC School, St Edmund’s, St Faith’s, St Mary’s, Pelican, St John’s College, Kings College, Stapleford, Studlands Rise, Swavesey, Therfield, The Vine and Kimbolton.

Our Pre-school building opened in 2003 and was extended and refurbished to include a second classroom in 2014. It has space for 48 children aged from three years. Formerly the Methodist Chapel in Whaddon, it has been converted for our use with the children’s needs in mind. The Pre-school school children enjoy a half acre meadow of grassland, and trees plus an all weather surface playground.

Inside the Pre-school is bright and fun with a kitchen to prepare breakfast, healthy snacks and drinks. Lunch and tea is cooked at our main nursery and then transported the short distance using special boxes and following strict guidelines from the Health and Safety Team. All staff are fully trained in the transporting of food and all other aspects of Health and Hygiene.

Photo© Gareth