Life at Bumpkins

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Life at Bumpkins

“Children thoroughly enjoy their time at the setting. They benefit from the opportunities to play indoors and outside. Children settle quickly into their day. They have good relationships with their key person and other practitioners and this promotes their emotional well-being.” Ofsted, 2014

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Established in 2000 and based on a working arable farm, Bumpkins nursery is owned by Jacqui Stoneman and provides quality daycare for children aged three months to five years. In addition to caring, we want to make a difference – the Bumpkins Difference! We play with the children, encourage them in their learning, enabling them to become strong individuals who are happy and secure, whilst having fun with us.

“Caring, Happy, Settled, Family, Honest, Fabulous, Supportive and Fun” A Parent’s description of Bumpkins

We can provide support to you as parents/carers with all aspects of raising children; many of our staff are parents and grandparents too. We are here for any concerns you may have at any stage of your child’s life. We enjoy and share your pride and joy at your child’s development and learning

Here are some of the reasons why we think Bumpkins is special;

Large, age appropriate rooms – we have spacious rooms for each age group and communal areas. This works especially well for siblings at Bumpkins, as they get to see each other during the day. All age groups have times when they play and learn together, and the bigger children love to visit the babies. This is lovely for siblings as they get to see each other during their day at nursery. Being part of a wider Bumpkins family ensures a very smooth transition through nursery.

Large, secure and private outdoor play areas – Getting outside to play throughout the day is very important. At Bumpkins we are lucky to have access to large areas of grassed meadows, fields and an all-weather surfaced garden within the boundaries of the nursery site. A short walk away (with your permission) is the wonderful Whaddon playground. Please go and look when you come to see the nursery. It’s the perfect place to stop at on your way home – there is always a Bumpkins family or two enjoying the swings and slides. When the children are older they can walk to our Pre-school site, half  a mile away, to see the willow dome and use the large field there as both outdoor classroom space and to play in. They also get to meet the older children and begin to feel familiar with ‘Little Bumps’, which is what the children named our Pre-School building

Bumpkins Chickens– We have a number of hens on site. The children feed them and you can buy fresh eggs from our hens on site. We also plant vegetables in our veg patch, something all the children enjoy helping with. Having the chance to plant and grow their own food helped us to be awarded the title of a Health Promoting Setting. We teach the children about healthy foods, the importance of looking after your body and exercise. Farmer Roger is our landlord and we can watch his potatoes grow in the field behind Bumpkins and perhaps even help to dig them up.  Sometimes we can use the little spuds for printmaking!

..Photo© Gareth Davies.07774899744.gareth@gdaviesphoto.com.www.gdaviesphoto.com

Home grown and home cooked food – we use only local quality suppliers – Bury Lane Farm Shop for our meat and Hill View Farm Shop for our fresh fruit and vegetables. Our food miles are very low, as all suppliers are within a 4 mile radius. With a kitchen team of 3 staff across the working day, we provide healthy breakfast, lunch and tea, and offer our children the best locally sourced and home cooked food. We don’t ever just reheat a bought-in meal.

A peaceful, rural location – our working farm and end of village location gives the best combination of exciting things to see and do, tractors and combine harvesters outside the window, lots of safe outdoor spaces to play, run and jump whilst also having peace, quiet and space to explore safely.

Ease of access and free parking – no more panicking about getting a space outside the nursery and worrying about the traffic warden!

Our hallway has a special place for you to leave your car seat in. We try to think of everything and many parents are delighted to learn that we can easily solve the “whoever is picking up, needs a car seat” dilemma with the dedicated storage space in our hallway.

We offer a wide range of session times to meet every family’s requirement. We open at 7.30 am and close at 6.30 pm. Your child can attend a morning (until 1pm) or an afternoon (from 1pm) session, a fixed shorter day of 8.30 am until 3.30 pm or a longer flexible day of up to any 10 hours across our opening times to suit your family.

We know that not everyone does set hours so if you need your child to be in at 7.30 am one day but the next not till 10 am it’s fine, your day can vary according your families needs, we aim to be flexible and supportive. We recommend that you use Bumpkins for at least two (fixed) sessions a week. If you use Bumpkins on a part-time basis but occasionally need an extra day or longer session then please ask us, if we have the space we will be glad to help you. Unfortunately, for staffing reasons you can’t change your fixed days each week to suit shift work but you can vary and arrive or leave anytime within your booked days.

Lots of fresh country air -You’ll find your child sleeps well after a day at Bumpkins, it’s part of what makes us special- getting outside and engaging our children in stimulating activities to help them develop and grow. If it’s raining we will use our special dungarees so the children don’t get soaking wet.

Depending on the age of your child, we provide you with an information sheet on their day called My Day At Bumpkins, or document what’s been happening on our daily news boards for you to see as you arrive to collect your child. We also have screens in each room, which show a slideshow of photos of the day’s activities, often taken by the older children using their special cameras. As a picture is worth a thousand words, it helps you to see what your child has been doing. Whilst we can tell you how happy they have been, nothing can beat seeing the big smiles and happy faces for yourself.

Photo© Gareth Davies.07774899744.gareth@gdaviesphoto.com.www.gdaviesphoto.com

We have dedicated settling in visits for the babies and children, these also help mums and dads to adjust to the idea of leaving their child with us, it’s a time for both you and your child to get to know us. We are aware that it can be difficult to make the transition – we have had many a parent in our staff room, having a cup of tea to calm their nerves whilst their baby or toddler plays quite happily downstairs.

We have an Open Door policy at Bumpkins and once your child starts with us you can come and see them at any point in the day, in your lunch hour or if you are just driving past. Each parent has a fingerprint entry to allow them to access the nursery. The staff won’t know you are about to appear, but as we have nothing to hide we don’t need to know. We welcome you joining us for activities, singing or while the children have a meal.

We use this website and Bumpkins Nursery on Facebook to share news, information, recipes, play ideas, deadlines and reminders so please come and join in the conversation.  If you are a prospective parent this will give you a ‘taster’ of what makes us different and a snapshot of life at Bumpkins.

Whilst we can’t take all of the credit, we can take some of it! A familiar phrase is that you can always tell when you’re meeting a Bumpkins child, because they eat nicely and say thank you!

If you are considering Bumpkins for your baby or child, please have a look at our “Why choose Bumpkins” resources. We work hard to provide educational, life enriching learning experiences. We encourage the children to zip up their coats, put their shoes on the right feet, feed themselves and perhaps to write their own names.  These are all important skills which we at Bumpkins take as much pride in seeing develop as you do.

In our experience, the best thing to do, is to come for a tour of Bumpkins. Find us here.