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We love hearing from happy parents, grandparents and carers! If you’d like to share your story of your experience at Bumpkins, please email us. Here are some of our favourites.

“Leaving your children to go to work is a terrifying prospect but with both my children the experience was made much less painful by the wonderful support of all the staff at Bumpkins. There is a truly nurturing feel to the nursery, and my children have always been made to feel special. My fears were never made to feel silly, and there has always been someone on the end of the phone to tell me how the children are getting on during the day or answer any questions I have.

“As a teacher, I have always been impressed by the social skills the children learn at Bumpkins and what they do during the day; playing outside, learning creatively, laughing, having fun. The most important thing to me is that my children are happy, and in an environment where they feel safe whilst I’m not with them.  Bumpkins has great pastoral care and my children absolutely adore the adults who care for them, and support them in their development. I can’t ask for anything more.” 

-Rebecca Pine, April 2013

“I had my first parents evening for my daughter last night & I almost cried to be told how lovely & caring she is towards other babies & how incredibly well she is doing for her age. I’m soo pleased for her and also a thank you to bumpkins for being there as well to help her became a lovely girl that she is. Thank you again”

-Parent, October 2013

“It was Harry’s last day today and I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all at Bumpkins for caring for Harry over the past 4 years. He goes off to school a happy, confident and cheeky chap and Bumpkins have played a huge part in that. When you have a child with a disability you have all the usual anxieties and worries plus the other stuff… Bumpkins have been brilliant – enabling and encouraging Harry to fulfil his potential whilst providing exactly the right amount of support he has needed. As parents we value the relationships and trust we have built up with staff over the years. Good luck to all Harry’s friends too – Harry is so looking forward to seeing everyone at the leavers party! Chrissie x”

August 2013

“Daniel had his last day at Bumpkins yesterday – and he zipped out of the door with his usual grin and not so much as a backwards glance. I just wanted to say thank you very much for all the care and kindness you have shown to Daniel during his four years with you – right through from his time in the Babyroom. He has enjoyed himself so much at Bumpkins – especially at the Preschool Unit – and you have prepared him so well for his next adventures in life as he starts at Big School in September. Thank you.”

-Parent, July 2013

Photo© Gareth Davies.07774899744.gareth@gdaviesphoto.com.www.gdaviesphoto.com

“I called one day and spoke to the lovely Wendy. I needed to arrange some care for Cassidy so that I could increase my hours at work but had no idea how nurseries operated. I was called back by Laura and was overwhelmed by how nice and helpful she was. It was like she was reading my mind. We arranged a visit for me to come and see Bumpkins. Laura met me at the door and her smiley face put me at ease straight away. Laura showed me around all the rooms and talked the whole time answering all my questions. I remember seeing Dana in the baby room getting toys ready for the children when they came in from outside and I was impressed as to how much there was for the children to do. I had so many questions and felt bad for asking so much but Laura was so friendly and made me feel so comfortable and that it was normal for a mum to be anxious and have questions. I knew straight away that Bumpkins was THE place I wanted Cassidy to go.

I was delighted when Nessa called to me to say that there was availability to attend and was excited to book the first session.

I arrived with Cassidy and we were shown into the Red Tractors baby room. I was greeted by the kind Collette who sat with me and Cassidy on the carpet. She immediately included Cassidy and got her some toys to play with and I felt comfortable straight away. Collette and I went through some forms and questions and it was very orientated towards Cassidy’s likes and dislikes which made me happy.

As the sessions went on I was very nervous about leaving Cassidy and was anxious that she wouldn’t settle and would cry for me when I left, but the way the sessions were arranged was brilliant. The staff were all so lovely and Cassidy adored being with Sam and Mel. They were smiley and happy and Cassidy’s face lit up whenever she saw them. And then Cassidy made a very special attachment to Vicky. She idolised her, learnt to say her name and even talked of her at home. She was truly close to her. I was also amazed that even other staff that I had not seen as much, knew Cassidy and knew all about her and what comforters she had etc. I once collected Cassidy from the baby room next door and she was sat cuddling Jo and looked so happy. And another time was sat having fun and happily building bricks with Alice. Considering Cassidy was so shy at home, it amazed me seeing her building so many bonds with the staff. I also struggled to settle her to sleep in the daytime at home but yet at Bumpkins, she settled fine and Vicky even showed me a picture of her sound asleep.

Cassidy developed so well and quickly, she became confident, less clingy, and intelligent and her speech was amazing. I would bring her home and every time she would have learnt something new at every visit. I also talked to the Red Tractor girls about things I was trying to teach Cassidy at home and they said they would continue at Bumpkins and before I knew it, she would be doing it.

The time came that Cassidy had grown before I knew it and it was time to move up to the Yellow Combines room. I was so worried. It felt like I was about to start all over again but it was nothing like that. Bumpkins arranged small visits for Cassidy to play in there and meet the other staff and it worked so well. I visited the room myself and sat with Christine who talked me through the room routine and the differences from the Red Tractors. I also talked to Emma who also put me at ease and I no longer felt nervous of the upcoming move.

Before I knew it, Cassidy was asking to go to the Yellow Combines every day when we were at home at kept mentioning Carla. Cassidy seemed to have a soft spot for Carla and talked about her and Jess all the time. She referred to Jess as being pretty, a word I didn’t even know she had learnt. Cassidy loved cuddles with Jess and would sit quietly whilst Jess done different things with her hair. Cassidy loved Sophie too who she said was a princess and talked about dancing and wiggling with Katy.

I attended a parents evening with Sarah W and it was just wonderful. Sarah knew Cassidy inside out and I could not believe how enjoyable the talk was. It made me feel so warm inside listening to Sarah W talk so fondly of my little girl, her habits, likes, dislikes and the character she was.

Cassidy continued to develop at what felt like the speed of light. Every day she was learning different things and I was amazed at how clever she was becoming and this was definitely helped by the sterling work and help of all the Bumpkins staff.

As Cassidy continued to grow older it was time to move to the Orange Scarecrows room. I was not nervous in the slightest. The whole time Cassidy was at Bumpkins I was continuously amazed and felt at ease so the move did not concern me at all. I knew Cassidy would be fine, settle quickly and would love the staff. What made me so happy is that all the staff knew Cassidy already. Even whenever I saw Nessa in the nursery she would say hello to Cassidy and Cassidy would very sweetly smile back and say “Hello Nessa”.

Cassidy immediately made an attachment to Allistair and would talk about him at home. I once asked her “Do you like Allistair?” she replied with “No, I LOVE Allistair” She also got very excited if she arrived at nursery and saw Fred. She always referred to Fred as fun and enjoyed any activity with him.

I loved the feedback sessions with Katy and Kelly, they always answered my questions and complimented Cassidy regularly. The feedback was detailed and they were never too busy to talk to. Abi was the same, so sweet and kind and Cassidy would always ask to cuddle her goodbye. Not forgetting Tasha, who Cassidy was just beginning to cling to before she left.

Cassidy’s time at Bumpkins was brilliant. Every single member of staff is an asset to Bumpkins. They all have different qualities and all played a massive part in the beautiful, wonderful daughter I have today. I strongly feel that Cassidy would not be as clever, happy and confident as she is now if she did not attend Bumpkins. You have all greatly contributed to her upbringing and I cannot thank all of you enough. If I ever grow another Bump I will put him/her on your waiting list straight away!!

I would never hesitate to recommend Bumpkins and am happy for you to use me as a reference any time. However, I’m sure that you will never need a reference due to the outstanding care you provide.

Thank you all once again and I hope to see you all again soon ; )”

– Gemma Erskine, April 2013