Individual Needs

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Individual Needs

Bumpkins is committed to being fully inclusive to all who wish to use our nursery. We believe that all children should be given the opportunity to flourish and develop to their full potential.

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Bumpkins follows the Special Educational Needs (SEN) Code of Practice when working with and supporting children with additional needs. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage and tailor activities to suit individual children as well as the group. Bumpkins can access appropriate training in relation to Special Educational Needs and will apply for Early Years Access Funding if necessary to support an individual child. We encourage professionals, such as speech and play therapists, to visit the nursery and welcome every opportunity to ensure we are doing our very best to support your child.

Our main site is based in a converted barn and the Pre-school in a converted Chapel. All facilities for the children are based on the ground floor. Physical access is carefully considered for each individual child, involving parents/carers and other outside agencies if appropriate. Where possible Bumpkins will make adaptations to the premises or facilities and, if necessary, access specialist equipment.

Children with special dietary requirements enjoy their meals with all the other children. Our experienced food servers remain vigilant to ensure that each child’s individual requirements are met.

Any medical conditions are dealt with on an individual basis and everything you share with us is confidential. We only share information with appropriate people with your permission.

Please do not hesitate to discuss your family’s requirements with us when you visit. You are the expert on your child and we will learn from you how best to meet their individual needs. We ensure that each child can participate and enjoy time with their peers and also receive individual support.