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Naming a Royal Baby

Date: April 27, 2015 Author: Bumpkins Team Categories: Bumpkins News

What will the Royal baby be called?

While Kate and William eagerly await their second child’s arrival, speculation continues on what name they will choose. An enjoyable and sometimes stressful choice for many parents, naming a royal baby has that extra bit of pressure. Will they choose something traditional to complement their son George or, since this child is unlikely to be king or queen, pick a name with a bit of flair?

Girls Names

Choosing a perfect name can be very stressful. How can Will and Kate get it right?The majority of onlookers are hoping for a girl and if the happy couple are blessed with a pink bundle of joy, the names topping the nation’s list are all traditional. Many have been used by royals dating back hundreds of years.

Alice is the public’s current favourite and with bookmaker’s odds at 2/1, suggestions are that there could be some insider knowledge. Alice in Wonderland was the topic of Kate’s dissertation at university so many are thinking she fell in love with the name there.

Charlotte would be a nod to William’s father Charles, The Prince of Wales. It is also Kate’s sister’s middle name too. King George III was married to a Charlotte back in 1761 so the name is certainly one that has royal history.

Diana is amongst the top guesses and as it means ‘Heavenly’ or ‘Divine,’ it would be a fitting tribute to William’s late mother, The Princess of Wales.

Boys Names


If George gains a baby brother in the coming days, the most popular names are also quite traditionally royal. The top three all have link with previous leaders from the past.

Alexander – Perhaps most famously linked to Alexander the Great, one of history’s most successful military leaders, this name is also one of George’s middle names. Meaning ‘Defender of men’ is might influence his career choice as he grows.

Arthur – Legendary King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table make for great stories however the name is tinged with sadness in royal history, with Arthur, Prince of Wales never making it to the throne as he died in 1502 aged just 15.

James – One of the more popular names of recent times, James was 18th on the top 100 boy names of 2014. History is littered with King’s by this name, with eight King James’ in total reigning over England and Scotland.

Alternative Royal Baby Names

Other names that are popular include the more famous of Kings and Queens from history and the present day – Elizabeth, Victoria, Phillip, Mary and Henry.

Betting on what the new arrival will be called is gaining momentum as the birth cannot be too far away now. Many are also betting on the baby’s birth date, weight and even hair colour to add to their amusement. Whichever sex the baby is, and whichever name the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge choose to bestow, it is clear to see their growing family hold a special place in the nation’s heart and we wish Kate and William a safe and enjoyable birth.

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Photos: Lauren Nelson & Carmen Rodriguez

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