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Meet the Team: Nessa Taylor

Date: October 7, 2016 Author: Bumpkins Team Categories: Meet the Team


Nessa Taylor has been with Bumpkins since Day One. nessa

It takes somebody pretty special to rise to the challenge when they’re shown an empty barn – complete with combine harvester in it – and asked if they think a Day Nursery could work in such a space!
That is exactly what did happen back in 1999 when founder Michaela Huffer was looking for exceptional childcare for her son.  With hard work, vision and determination, Michaela and Nessa worked together to create Bumpkins.
Nessa’s passion is working with children.  She was only 9-months old when she became an Auntie, so it is true to say that she has been around children all her life!  By age 18, she was working as a live-in Nanny for twins, and from then on her career developed to being Bumpkins Nursery Manager today.

Nessa believes childhood should be just that, a time for playing and fun and being outdoors.  After all, your children will spend a lot of time sitting down when they start school!    Free Range Fun – or Free Range Children – is how Nessa puts it, so being outdoors, playing in the mud, planting seeds, and most importantly – just DOING.
Of course, Bumpkins will prepare all children for when they start school too, but overall, Nessa wants her Bumpkins children to look back on their happy times at Bumpkins as an essential part of their childhood.
What makes her happy is receiving copies of the School Newsletters with news of former Bumpkins children on, and seeing how they’ve developed into grounded, successful and happy young adults!