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Halloween Crafts at Bumpkins

Date: October 24, 2013 Author: Bumpkins Team Categories: #TheBumpkinsDifference, Things to make and do

halloween crafts at Bumpkins Nursery - near Royston

Halloween Crafts at Bumpkins

We couldn’t wait to share this with you – it is Steph’s first display at Bumpkins – for Halloween. Just click on the picture above to see it properly! The pumpkins and the hand and foot prints for the brush are just lovely – we are very proud of the Baby room babies and toddlers! Seeing this picture and how excited everyone was with the display got me thinking about how we are regularly asked for ideas for crafting – not just for Halloween, or other events in the calendar.

Crafting is something that can be as messy as you like it to be. Many parents confide in us, that they are worried about crafting in case it makes a mess or the children get covered in paint / glue / whatever they are crafting with. When crafting at home, one suggestion is to have something protective for them to wear with old clothes, and announce before the activity begins, that it’s going to be a special bath time afterwards, to get cleaned up again. Of course, if the weather is warm enough, the whole activity can be done in the nude, so that you’re not going to get anything dirty and in need of washing other than the people crafting!

If you’re looking for inspiration the internet is a great place to start. Maggy and her website – Red Ted Art, will usually come up as a resource, because it is literally full of ideas and creative ways to craft and do activities with children of all ages. She’s really good at finding cool, quirky and innovative ways to craft, that other people have come up with. She brings them all together to make life easier for the rest of us! Here’s a link to some of her ideas on toddler crafts – http://www.redtedart.com/2013/05/23/art-projects-for-toddlers/

The other useful place to look, is on pinterest – you don’t need to be a user of pinterest or have any technical knowledge to get on there and find lots of interesting things to do. There’s lots of ideas from other countries as well, which means that there’s some really different ways to do things, all in the one place. You just need to type phrases along the lines of “crafting for toddlers” “toddler craft” or “making cards with babies” if that’s what you are looking for: there’s no reason to not get ahead with making home made Christmas cards!

The local library is usually also a great place to go – even if it’s just for inspiration on things you could copy, draw and colour. Lots of libraries throughout Cambridgeshire do days, events and workshops that are not just about reading – they do activities as well, so have a look for them on your travels.

We’re going to be posting some more of our arts and crafts activities on here as we do them. We’re always grateful for donations of milk bottle tops (the old fashioned kind), kitchen roll tubes and anything that’s not been near / touching any items with nuts in them. And cereal boxes are always well received – you wouldn’t believe how many robots, mountains, cars, trains and palaces can be made with them.

We’d love to see some of your home made craft projects – please take pictures and either post on our Bumpkins Nursery Facebook page or email them to us at hello@humpkinsnursery.co.uk and we’ll share them on here and on the Facebook page!


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